Electrical Vehicle Charging

We Come To You…when your electric vehicle can’t make it to the nearest charging station.

Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging Service

If you drive an electric vehicle, one concern you most likely have is EV charging. Ensuring that you don’t run out of battery before you reach a charging station is of the utmost importance. While the electric vehicle charging ecosystem is a work in progress, with only about 5700 public access EV charging stations available in the US, there are still some areas where you’ll be hard-pressed to find a place to replenish your battery.

When driving a vehicle that has a combustion engine, you may run out of gas, but of course, there are roadside assistance companies available to bring you enough gas to get to the nearest gas station. Unfortunately, finding a towing company that has the equipment, experience, and capability to charge your electric vehicle properly if you run out of battery on the road is quite a challenge.

Enter Clean Earth Recovery’s mobile electric vehicle charging service. With our mobile EV charging service, we can charge all types of electric vehicles at your location. These vehicles include Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Chevy, Tesla, Fiat, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, VW, and more. Contact us for pricing and more information.

Electric Vehicle Charging Low Range EVs

The US Department of Transportation has documented that the average American driver travels an average of 40 miles every day. Armed with this information, electric vehicle manufacturers have created vehicles with batteries that last less than 100 miles before needing to be charged again.

The lowest-range electric vehicle available today is the Smart EQ ForTwo, with only 58 miles of driving. While there are many models of EVs that can travel 200 miles on a charge, when traveling from Las Vegas to Phoenix, depending on the route you take, you will need to charge your electric vehicle one or more times.

By now, you probably have a good idea of the charging infrastructure for travel that exists, but another factor to consider is cold weather. While this is Arizona, we still have cold temperatures during the winter months, especially in the higher elevations. And, because cold temperatures inhibit necessary chemical reactions in your EV’s battery, and your EV must generate its own heat to keep passengers warm, the battery range can be decreased substantially.

Rather than rolling the dice and coming up short and having to get your EV towed, put our phone number into the contacts on your phone 928-684-1445 so that you have someone to call if you need mobile EV charging services. Limit your exposure to damages from towing and call us for remote electric vehicle charging service.

Electric Vehicle Charging Wickenburg

Towing Versus Charging Your Electric Car

At Clean Earth Recovery and Towing, we understand that running out of charge is a concern on the minds of many electric vehicle owners, especially when their EVs are running low on range. And we also understand that towing an out-of-charge electric vehicle is not the vehicle owner’s ideal solution either.

Of course, towing your electric car will require a flatbed tow truck. But one major concern is the fact that many electric vehicles do not have a neutral position that would allow the vehicle to roll without impacting the motor. And in order to get your vehicle onto the bed of a flatbed tow truck, the tow truck operator would need to pull it onto the bed of the truck, which could cause damage to your vehicle. Rather than towing your electric vehicle and risking damage, contact Clean Earth Recovery and Towing for mobile electric vehicle charging services.

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    EV Charging The Challenges of Driving an Electric Car

    By far, the number one reason why most consumers do not decide to purchase an electric vehicle can be expressed with a term known as, “range anxiety.” This basically means motorists fear that they will run out of battery charge before they reach their intended destination. Besides range anxiety, there are many other factors that consumers use to determine if purchasing an electric vehicle is right for them.

    Electric Vehicle Charging Wickenburg
    Electric Vehicle Charging Wickenburg
    Electric Vehicle Charging Wickenburg

    No matter what type of electric vehicle you own it’s best to plan ahead and be prepared in the event that you run out of battery range. Instead of waiting to get your vehicle towed to a charging station where you’ll be required to wait additional time while the battery is charging, contact Clean Earth Recovery and Towing for mobile electric car charging service. We’ll save you time and money and get your car back on the road fast.