Wrecker Service Wickenburg Arizona

 Wrecker Service In Wickenburg

Imagine you’re driving from Morristown on Hwy 60 to Wickenburg, just outside of Wickenburg, and your phone rings. You take your eyes off the road, only for a moment to see who is calling. As you look back to the highway, you realize a desert goat is standing in your lane. You have no choice but to swerve off the road to avoid hitting the goat. As a result, you hit a large rock damaging your passenger front wheel, leaving your vehicle inoperable. So, now you’re going to need a towing company to come to tow your vehicle.

If you are need of wrecker service in the Wickenburg area, Clean Earth Recovery offers heavy-duty and light-duty towing services, as well as roadside assistance and excellent emergency towing services. Whether it’s an emergency or non-emergency, we provide 24-hour roadside and towing services. When you need a tow, give us a call.

How to Find A Wrecker Service Near Me

One of the greatest resources we have now is our smartphones. It’s like carrying around a computer everywhere we go. With having our smartphones as a resource to find a wrecker company, the easiest way is to google wrecker company near me. It’s very convenient and the fastest way to get the help you need.

Clean Earth Recovery provides 24 hour towing and roadside services because we know vehicle breakdowns and accidents don’t happen at a convenient time. To sum it up, no matter when you Google us, we’re available to assist you. So, save yourself some time and instead of Googling “Towing,” simply search for “Clean Earth Towing.” We’ll be there in a matter of minutes.

Reliable Wrecker Company

Not all wrecker companies are equal. Some say they offer 24-hour towing and roadside assistance services only to leave you waiting for hours. Being stranded in the middle of the night is frustrating and dangerous. You are going to want a company that understands how annoying this can be. Most importantly, a company that cares about your safety.

Here at Clean Earth Recovery, our promise to you is that you are treated with the same courtesy and respect we provide all our customers. During a breakdown or accident, you want a towing business you can trust to provide service at the right time. That’s us.

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    We Are Your Towing Service Experts

    Clean Earth Recovery is Wickensburg’s finest Wrecker Company. Our drivers are wreckmaster trained and know all of the in’s and out’s of every kind of vehicle that has wheels and rolls. We are a family-owned business that has been in the trucking and excavating business since 1981. With this experience, we know what it takes to provide our customers with excellent service and satisfaction.

    You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our reviews and find us on Facebook. You will see that we provide trustworthy and excellent services to help our community and those passing through.

    Services A Wrecker Service Provides

    The services we provide to those who live in Wickenburg or just passing through are towing services that include heavy truck towing, medium-duty towing, and light-duty towing. Along with flatbed towing. Just wait, there’s more. If you have found yourself sitting on the side of the road with a flat tire, out of gas, or even off-road needing a winch, we provide superior roadside assistance as well. In other words, we’ve got you covered no matter what you are driving or the services you need.

    Clean Earth Recovery and Towing is your towing company in Wickenburg, Arizona. We also provide great Wikieup Towing up the 93 corridor, so give us a call whenever you need towing or roadside assistance of any kind.


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