Roadside Assistance Wickenburg

Battery Jump Starts


Hot Arizona days and cool desert nights can take their toll on your battery’s ability to work at an optimum level. When your car won’t start you don’t need to wait on AAA roadside to arrive. Instead, give us a call, we’ll be there in a matter of minutes to provide you with battery services, including a jumpstart when your car battery is dead.

Tire Change Service


If you are traveling through Wickenburg and have a flat tire call Clean Earth Recovery. We’ll bring all the tools and equipment necessary to remove your deflated tire and replace it with your good spare. Just need air? We’ll bring some air and fill it up.

Lockout Service


We’ve all been there, juggling a dozen things trying to get home, and just as you shut the car door, you realize your car keys are inside on the center console, and the door is locked. Don’t despair. If you’re in the Wickenburg area, give us a call. We provide the fastest lockout service in the West.

What to do when you need roadside assistance.

Let’s say that it’s early morning and you’re driving West on Highway 60 running through Wickenburg, Arizona, and you run over a scrap of metal which causes your tire to pop. To say that your day isn’t starting off on the right foot would be an understatement.

Needing roadside assistance always happens at the worst possible time. But, don’t despair we’ve got some helpful tips to get you through it.

How To Make A Difficult Situation Good Turn Out Good

Below are our suggestions for dealing with unexpected roadside assistance emergencies like this.  Whether you drive a passenger car or tractor trailer you’ll be sure to get value from the suggestions we provide. To begin, we suggest that you not try to resolve the issue yourself. We’ve seen countless times when motorists have wasted hours attempting to do what a professional could have completed in just a few minutes.

  1. First, with caution in mind, quickly exit the roadway. Even if you must drive on the rim of a flat tire, it’s best to risk additional damage to your wheel than to remain in the way of oncoming traffic. A wheel can be replaced, you cannot.
  2. When you are safely away from oncoming traffic, exit your vehicle on the passenger side and assess the damages. If you have experienced a flat determine if you have a good spare. You will need to convey this information to the towing company dispatcher so that they can send out the right truck and equipment to do the job properly.  If you do not have a spare, a tow will be required. Having this information will avoid the need for a second truck.
  3. Next, get back into your vehicle on the passenger side, or move far away from your vehicle and the roadway. This is for safety purposes. Vehicles that remain roadside for an extended period become hazards to careless drivers.
  4. Then pick up your smartphone and Google “Towing Service.” When you do, Google will use your location, (as long as your location services are enabled), as well as their algorithms to find the closest towing company to you.
  5. Call the closest towing company provided, and when the dispatcher answers tell them that you have a flat tire and whether or not you have a good spare. Provide them with your location, i.e. the highway you are on, the direction of travel, and the nearest cross street, as well as your name and number.
  6. Follow through and answer your phone. Many times the tow truck operator assigned to you may not be immediately aware of your location, which means they may need to call you for clarification. To ensure you receive help as quickly as possible it is imperative that you answer any unrecognized incoming calls.
  7. Once your roadside emergency is over, to avoid any delays when the next roadside event occurs put Clean Earth Recovery’s phone number into your contacts, 928-684-1445.

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Have You Run Out Of Gas?


If you’ve ever run out of gas you know how it feels to be stranded on the lonely highway. But, running out of gas in the Arizona desert, well…that’s a whole different animal.

If you run out of gas, don’t let the cool desert nights and the howling coyotes bother you. Just pick up the phone and call Clean Earth Recovery

We’ll Come To Your Rescue!


Roadside Solutions Wickenburg

Friendly Tow Truck Operators

Roadside Assistance Wickenburg

We may not be the oldest towing company around, but one thing we can boast is the fact that we employ the friendliest most helpful tow truck operators in the Wickenburg, Arizona area. When you need thoughtful assistance with your vehicle while roadside, you’ll want to call Clean Earth Recovery. We’re always ready to help.

Quick Response Roadside Solutions

Roadside Assistance Wickenburg

When your car has had enough and stops moving, sometimes it ends up in a precarious situation, like around a blind turn. When this happens to you, please employ caution, but do something to alert oncoming traffic as to your location. Then pick up the phone and call us. Clean Earth Recovery has the quickest response times around.

24 Hour Towing and Roadside

Roadside Assistance Wickenburg

Mishaps never come at a convenient time. And, many times they come in the middle of the night. Clean Earth Recovery won’t leave you stranded. When you have a towing or roadside assistance emergency, no matter if it’s day or night, you can always call your friends in the towing business in Wickenburg, Arizona, Clean Earthy Recovery.