Emergency Towing Wickenburg

Emergency Towing

You may not realize it, but when you’re broke down in your vehicle, sitting on the side of the road, this is an emergency situation. We would all like to think that every driver is paying attention to the roads when they are driving, but the truth is they’re not. Unfortunately, with all the new cell phones that are equal to a computer, multitasking has become a common thing among drivers. In other words, when you are sitting roadside, every second counts. Being there puts you and your family in danger of being struck by a distracted driver. Similarly, leaving your car abandoned on the side of the road is dangerous as well.

At Clean earth Recovery, we know how dangerous it is to be hanging out on the side of the road. Our trained team knows how to get you out of harm’s way quickly and safely. Whether you have a flat tire, a dead battery, or a vehicle breakdown, and you need reasonably priced towing services, you can depend on us, Clean Earth Recovery, for all your roadside emergency needs.

Heavy Duty Emergency Towing

Clean Earth Recovery is a full service towing company. In other words, if it rolls, we can tow it, winch it, and even haul it. Our family has been in the trucking and excavating business since 1981. From providing heavy- duty towing, medium-duty, flatbed towing as well as Landoll services, we work hard for you. By doing this, we believe we are lifting up and supporting our community the best way we can. We offer heavy duty truck towing service for tractor-trailers, dump trucks, heavy equipment transport and more

Above all, no matter your situation, you can truly depend on us here at Clean Earth Recovery for all your roadside solutions.

We Are Wickenburg’s Towing Experts

Our team of professional tow truck operators at Clean Earth Recovery is WreckMaster Certified Level 6/7 A. We are knowledgable and will go above and beyond to provide the solution to your roadside situation.

Above all, we genuinely value our customers. Customers service is one of our top priorities. We guarantee your vehicle will be cared for by experienced tow truck operators who take great pride in the attention to detail they give your car. We treat your vehicle as if it were one of our own.

So, when you are looking for a company that provides heavy-duty towing, medium-duty towing, light-duty towing, truck tires or other truck services, look no further than Clean Earth Recovery. So, if you drive a big truck and need semi towing now, give Clean Earth a call.

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    24-Hour Emergency Roadside

    No matter what you drive, having a breakdown or needing roadside assistance never happens at a good time. Therefore, Clean earth Recovery is here to provide superior services no matter the time of day or night. We know that when you need help, it can’t wait until later. Roadside assistance must happen when you need it. We love the towing business. Providing 24-hour emergency towing services to our community and those passing through allows us to give back to our community.

    Being stranded roadside in the middle of the night, whether due to a flat tire or running out of gas, can be terrifying. Howling coyotes and rattlesnakes can come out of nowhere and ruin your night. But thankfully, you don’t have to deal with all of that. To sum it up, you can always depend on us here at Clean Earth Recovery.

    Police And Emergency Towing

    Clean earth Recovery is the one to call if you’ve been involved in an accident in or around Wickenburg, Arizona. We’re also available for all your emergency roadside needs. Whether you drive a semi-truck or a passenger vehicle, we can help. If your big rig has rolled down an embankment, we have the equipment and skill to get it out. But first, call the Police. Then call Clean Earth Recovery for all your towing and accident recovery needs.


    Emergency Roadside Services Wickenburg

    Did you have a blow out in the desert, and need a dependable towing company to replace the bad tire with your good spare? Maybe you ran out of gas after forgetting to check your fuel gauge. And, it’s too far and too hot to walk to the nearest station for gas? Don’t let it ruin your day, give us a call here at Clean Earth Recovery and well get you back on the road again.