Equipment Towing

Equipment Towing Wickenburg

Are you in Wicklenburg and looking for a company to transport your equipment? Look no further than us at Clean Earth Recovery. We have a fine fleet of modern trucks to help with all your transporting needs.

Whether you have a large piece of equipment that requires a low boy to move it or a forklift that needs a flatbed truck, we have all your short and long-distance transport and towing needs covered.
From light, medium, and heavy-duty towing and transporting, there’s no finer team to get the job done right at an affordable rate than us at Clean Earth Recovery.

Equipment Towing for Construction

One part, but a part that can be time-consuming in the construction business, is getting your equipment from one job site to the next. It takes your employees off the job they are working on to load the bobcat, backhoe, or forklift onto your trailer, several minutes to an hour driving, then offloading. Hopefully, during the process, your employee didn’t damage your equipment, or a rock didn’t fly off the trailer, damaging the windshield of a passing motorist, making you reliable for damages.

We have the answer for you. Our team at Clean Earth Recovery is a professional transport company that provides on-time, detail-oriented transport services for your equipment. No matter the size, we can save you time and money getting your equipment where you need it hassle-free.

Your Towing Equipment Experts

Clean Earth Recovery is more than excited to be your go-to towing and transport team in the Wickenburg area. Whether you need transport services for your motorcycle, RV, large construction equipment, or towing services around the clock, we are always a phone call away. It’s all about being there when you need us the most. We take pride in providing high-quality customer service, making us stand out above all the rest. So, when you need a professional towing or equipment transport company, remember: Clean Earth Recovery is not just a service; it’s a commitment to making your towing experience top-notch.

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    Equipment Towing

    Flatbed Transport

    Flatbed towing or transport services are the superheroes for tow trucks.
    Picture this: you’re stuck on the side of the road with an inoperable car. That’s where the flatbed tow truck and highly skilled tow truck driver will swoop in and save the day.

    A flatbed tow truck is the luxury truck of all tow trucks. It is a flat-level surface that your asset can ride in style while safely being transported to your desired destination. No wheels on the payment, no extra wear and tear on the tire or engine, just a stress-free ride for your vehicle.

    So, when you are searching for a towing company to tow your classic, high-end, or low-profile vehicle, our flatbed towing service is the way to go. It cradles your precious ride gently above the road, ensuring it arrives at its destination without a scratch.

    Equipment And Load Lift Services

    Do you have some hefty equipment that needs relocating? We’ve got you covered with our heavy load-lifting services. Skip the crane expenses – Clean Earth Recovery is on the job! Whether it’s hauling mining equipment, machinery, or anything else that weighs a ton, we’re your go-to crew.
    Based in Wickenburg, Arizona, we’re the lifting champs of the area. Our seasoned operators know the drill, lifting, and precisely placing your gear. From air conditioning units to transformers and construction goodies, we’ve got the muscle for the hustle.

    Why bother with anyone else? Clean Earth Recovery stands out in Wickenburg for our variety of towing services. Give Ryan a shout at 928-684-1445, and we’ll tackle all your equipment lifting needs.

    Landoll Services

    Do you have mining equipment, machinery, or other large heavy pieces of equipment that need to be moved? Landoll trailers are the heavy-duty workhorse in the transporting industry. They are built to haul heavy construction machinery, industrial equipment, and we even do motorhome towing when you need it. If it’s bulky, heavy, and needs to be moved without a fuss, the Landoll trailer is the perfect transporting vessel; with hydraulic tails and sliding axles, loading and unloading is smooth despite the size of the cargo. It’s like they took the hassle out of moving giant heavy equipment.

    So, if you’ve got some serious equipment you need relocating, call us at Clean Earth Recovery for our landoll services. Our years of service in the trucking, excavating, and towing business will make transporting the hefty stuff look like a walk in the park.

    Equipment Towing
    Equipment Towing
    Equipment Towing
    Equipment Towing

    Heavy Duty Towing

    Are you a single operator, fleet owner, or manager of big trucks and need a heavy-duty towing company for towing services? From an inoperable semi to requiring a tow on your fully loaded tractor-trailer, dump truck, cement truck, and more, Clean Earth Recovery has the right truck, skills, and commitment to get your truck where you need it.