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How To Jump Start Car

From leaving your headlights on to having an old battery, most car owners will have a dead battery at some point. So, knowing how to jump start your car or truck is beneficial. Therefore if you ever find yourself with a dead battery, we’ve put together a how-to outline for you to jump start your car. As a disclaimer, we want to reinforce that these instructions are for conventional cars that have 12-volt batteries and combustion engines. If you’re experiencing difficulties with your electric vehicle we suggest that you take a look at our convenient mobile electric vehicle charging service page.

First: Open your car hood and the hood of the car you will be using to provide the power to jump start your car and locate the batteries.
Locate the positive post that will have a + sign and usually a red cable attached to it. Locate the negative post that will have a – sign and usually a black cable.
Park the vehicles as close to each other as you can. Close enough that the jumper cables will reach both batteries.
If the dead battery has a corrosive build-up, remove battery cables from the battery terminals, clean both cables and terminals with a stiff wire brush, and then reconnect.

Second: Pull out and unwind your battery cable. Like your battery terminals, the cables will have a positive side marked with a plus and a red cable, and the negative side will be marked with – and have a black cable. Keep the jumper cables from touching each other once you have connected them to the battery. If they touch, it could cause serious damage to both vehicles.

Third: Connect the jumper cables to the jumping vehicle by placing the positive end of the cable to the positive battery post. Then place the negative cable to the negative post. Then do the same to the car with the dead battery.
Fourth: Start the working car and let it idle for a few minutes. Slightly rev the engine just above idle for about a minute. A good clean connection between the cable and terminals is a must.

Fourth: Try to start the disabled car. If it doesn’t start, turn the car off, then check the connection of the four terminals. Then try to start the car again. If it doesn’t start, you may need to have your vehicle towed.

Not everyone has jumper cables on hand or a friend that can race right over to help them with a jump start. And if your vehicle is in the garage, there’s a chance getting another vehicle next to it to start it may be impossible. But the great news is Clean Earth Recovery will quickly jump start your vehicle at an affordable rate no matter where’s it’s parked.

Jump Start Car and More…

Clean Earth Recovery provides various roadside assistance services for motorists in Wickenburg and the surrounding areas. Our services are affordable whether you are a residential customer or a commercial towing customer. With a full staff, we are always ready to handle all of your fleet needs. Whether you need quick car unlock service or truck unlocked, ran out of fuel, need a jump start or pull start, or need a tire change, we have you covered.

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    Jump Start Car Wickenburg

    Flatbed Towing And Transport

    Do you drive a SUV, four wheel drive, or an all wheel drive vehicle? These types of vehicles require all four wheels to be up off the ground during the towing process. With our flatbed tow truck, we can safely tow your vehicle with it riding on the bed of the truck to ensure no damage will occur to your transmission.

    For those who have large vehicles, trailers or heavy equipment that you need transported we also provide landoll or low boy towing and transport too.

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    Heavy Duty Towing

    Do you have a big rig down? Whether you a tractor trailer that’s fully loaded or a dump truck full of rock, Clean Earth has the experience and the right heavy duty tow truck to get your truck where you need it quickly. Don’t call any towing company to tow your money-making rig. Call the finest towing team in the Wickenburg area. You can always count on us for great towing service at a fair price whether you manage a fleet or if you are an owner-operator.

    Your Full Service Towing Company

    Are you wondering what the phrase full towing service company means? A full towing service company is a professional towing company that puts you first while providing exceptional towing ( heavy duty, medium duty, and light duty), roadside assistance, and transport services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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    Jump Start Car Wickenburg
    Jump Start Car Wickenburg
    Jump Start Car Wickenburg

    Accident Recovery

    Do you have a big rig on its side? Whether you have a fully loaded tractor trailer, RV, or dump truck that needs recovering, Clean Earth Recovery is here to recover and tow your heavy duty rig. Whether you have a breakdown,  an accident, or a water recovery, you can trust that Clean Earth Recovery will be available when you need us!