Wikieup Towing

Wikieup Towing and Roadside Assistance

Imagine you are driving your tractor trailer down the 93 corridor almost to Wikieup when you see steam coming from underneath your hood. You pull over, hoping to give your truck a few minutes to cool down, only to find it won’t start again. That’s where we can help. Clean Earth Recovery provides towing for the city of Wikieup, both for those who live there and for those who are passing through.  Whether you need a tow or roadside assistance, Clean Earth Recovery is a full service towing company available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Wikieup Towing For Your Truck And Trailer

Here at Clean Earth Recovery, we are a full service towing company that is equipped with the equipment and workforce to tow anything that rolls. If you need your truck or equipment transported, we provide Landoll Towing for large trucks and medium to heavy-duty equipment.

Unfortunately, when you have a fleet of trucks rollovers and accidents do happen. If that happens to you, you can count on Clean Earth Recovery to quickly and professionally recovery your truck. Likewise, if you need roadside assistance for your fleet of trucks, we are here to help you with your roadside assistance needs. Anything from buses of any size, heavy equipment transported and even RV’s towed and much more, we’ve got you covered.

Wikieup Heavy Duty Accident Recovery

Whether you drive a passenger vehicle or a semi-truck, Clean Earth Recovery is the one to call when you need towing in the Wikieup area. We take being your go-to-towing experts seriously and are proud to be allowed to serve you. Therefore, when you need a company to provide you with light duty towing, heavy-duty, or Ladoll Services no matter the time of day or night, give us a call here at Clean Earth Recovery.

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    Wikieup Heavy Duty Towing

    When you need a heavy-duty truck towed from the roadside or the location of your business, call us at Clean Earth Recovery for all your towing needs. Our team is an excellent choice for anyone in the Wikieup area that needs a heavy-duty wrecker for a heavy-duty, RV, or commercial vehicles you may need to be towed. We are known for our reliability, speed, and affordable rates. Moreover, we are available 24 hours a day because we know breakdowns can happen at any time.

    Our family has been in the trucking and excavation business since 1981. So, you know you will get help from a team that is experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable.

    Benefits Of Working With Us

    Clean Earth Recovery provides the most extensive benefits of any vehicle towing provider in the Wikieup area and the 93 corridor. For our commercial towing we can tow semi’s, heavy-duty trucks, RV’s and much more. Do you need residential towing? We shine there as well. You can count on us to tow anything that rolls and transport what can and cannot roll.

    Our operators are Wreckmaster Certified Level 6/7A Heavy Duty Recovery Specialists. And with our business philosophy of providing great and dedicated service at fair prices, allowing us to serve you, is a great choice. We promise that you will be regarded with the same courtesy and respect we provide all our customers and that we will be available 24 hours of every day. When you have a breakdown or a motor vehicle accident, you want a towing company with experience. You can trust us to provide service when you need us.


    Friendly and reliable service.

    No matter the time of day, you can count on our team here at Clean Earth Recovery and Towing. With a friendly smile and a helping hand, our tow truck operator is happy to assist you whether you need towing service or a tire change. Clean Earth Recovery, your go-to towing, and roadside assistance team.