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Change Flat Tire Service

Imagine you are finishing up an assignment your boss gave you that he needs first thing this morning while eating breakfast. You drink the last swig of your coffee and finish your soft bagel covered in strawberry cream cheese. Pack up your laptop and go to the garage only to find you have a front flat driver’s side tire. You have a spare and are handy with tools, but you don’t have the time for a DIY tire change.
The great news is that towing companies will change your flat tire for you. Clean Earth Recovery provides flat tire change service for motorists in and around Wickenburg. Our convenient roadside assistance service is affordable, prompt, and performed by detail-oriented tow truck operators.

How To Change Flat Tire

Are you thinking about changing your flat tire? Knowing how to change your flat tire is a great skill for all drivers to learn. Yes, we are always walking around with a small computer in our hands to look up DIY information, but what if you’re out of cell range? Or maybe you forget your cell phone or charge it? Unfortunately, a flat tire can happen anywhere and at anytime. Thankfully it’s not too hard. Just follow all procedural steps to ensure you have properly changed your flat tire to ensure your and your vehicle’s safety.
You will need a jack lug wrench, a fully inflated spare tire, vehicle owner’s manual. If you are missing one of these items, pick up the phone and call us at 928-684-1445.

      1.  Find a safe location to change your flat—a location out of the way of moving traffic and solid flat ground. 
      2.  Before getting out of your vehicle, turn on your flashers and apply your parking brake. 
      3.  Apply wheel wedges or large rocks behind the set of tires that do not have a flat.
      4.  Remove the hub cap and wheel cover.
      5.   Loosen the lug nuts by turning counterclockwise by half of a turn but do not remove them altogether. 
      6.  Place the jack under the frame with no molded plastic at the flat tire. Follow the instructions for jack placement in your vehicle owner’s manual. 
      7.  Slowly raise the vehicle with the jack. 
      8.  Unscrew the lug nuts. 
      9.  Remove the spare. 
      10.  Place the spare tire on the lug bolts. 
      11.  Put the lug nuts back on but only tighten them by hand.
      12.  Lower the vehicle until the spare touches the ground and tighten the lug nuts with the wrench turning clockwise. 
      13.  Lower the vehicle completely and give the lug nuts one last turn to ensure they are tight. 
      14.  Replace the hubcap and stow away your flat tire and tools.

Because there’s never a good time to have a flat tire, Clean Earth Recovery provides 24-hour, 365 days a year flat tire change service.

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    Change Flat Tire Clean Earth Recovery

    Roadside Assistance Help

    Roadside assistance and what is it? When you are stranded roadside, roadside assistance is a term used for various services a towing company provides, such as helping you with a tire change. There are many professional roadside assistance providers in the Wickenburg area. But we believe we are the best.

    Our Team here at Clean Earth Recovery provides honest, reliable, and affordable services. Our services include tire change service, unlock service, battery boost for your car, gas delivery if you run out, and more. We have enough staff to help with residential and commercial motorists’ roadside assistance needs. We provide prompt service with a friendly handshake and will go above and beyond to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Getting the job done right while getting you back on your way as quickly as possible is our priority.

    Emergency Towing

    Clean Earth Recovery is a full-service towing company. Our eager tow truck operators have years of experience in the towing industry and genuinely care about ensuring the motorists around Wickenburg have safe and reliable towing and roadside assistance resources. Therefore no matter how hot it is, how late it is, or how early it is, our crew is ready to tackle all your towing needs. From accident towing to long and short-distance towing, Clean Earth Recovery has what it takes to get all your towing needs done.

    Our Wreckmaster certified tow truck operators have access to light, medium, and heavy-duty wreckers and landoll trailers. Therefore we have the training, knowledge, and equipment to safely tow and recover any vehicles with wheels. We can truly say there is no towing job too big or too small for Clean Earth Recovery.

    Flatbed Towing

    One of the most versatile towing truck equipment on the road today for towing companies is the flatbed tow truck. A flatbed tow truck is capable of towing anything from attention to detail motorcycle transport to medium duty trucks, vans, and transporting construction equipment. Sometimes a flatbed tow truck is necessary to get your vehicle from point A to B. For example, if you own an all wheel drive vehicle, it’s the safest and easiest way to tow your vehicle. It also keeps your vehicle out of the path of debris and other motorists. Using a wrecker to tow an all wheel drive vehicle requires placing dollies on the rear wheels to ensure all wheels are off the ground with an added labor charge.

    Clean Earth Recovery provides affordable flatbed towing. Whether you have a flat tire with no spare, a damaged wheel from an accident, or if your car manufacturer requires flatbed towing, you can trust or team to follow all safety loading, transporting, and delivering protocols for a damage free tow.

    Winching Service

    If your car is stuck in mud and you can’t get it out, you’re going to need our winching service. Winching a car out of the mud or up a steep embankment is much more safe and effective than attempting to use a second vehicle and a tow rope to get the job done. Besides the possibility of getting the second vehicle stuck or going over the embankment, there’s also the chance that you’ll cause damage to your vehicles. Rather than taking those types of risks, call on the professionals at Clean Earth Recovery and Towing. We’ve got years of experience getting cars, trucks, and tractor trailers un stuck.

    Change Flat Tire
    Change Flat Tire Wickenburg
    Change Flat Tire Wickenburg
    Change Flat Tire Wickenburg

    Motorhome Towing

    Do you own a motorhome and need a tow? Whether your RV is broke down or you need a tow to your storage facility, Clean Earth Recovery can help. We are a full service towing company with the ability to tow or transport your RV, travel trailer, or diesel pusher. Trust in the best to tow your home away from home-Clean Earth Recovery.