Stuck In Mud

Are You Stuck In Mud In Wickenburg?

Do you have a car knee-deep in the mud and need help getting it out? Give us a call at Clean Earth Recovery & Towing. We can help get your vehicle out of the mud and back on solid ground.

At Clean Earth Recovery, our team knows the drill. We’ve rescued more vehicles from the clinging hands of mud than we can count. So, if your car is being held for ransom from the mud, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ve got the gear, the skills, and the can-do attitude to turn your muddy misfortune into a distant memory.

How To Resolve Your Stuck In Mud Adventure

Ok, you’ve found yourself in a relationship with the mud that’s gone south. No worries. We have a few suggestions before you call in the calvary.

  1. Stay Calm: First off, don’t panic. Take a deep breath; it’s just mud, not quicksand.
  2. Assess the Situation: Check the depth and consistency of the mud. If it’s super deep or soupy, you might need professional help.
  3. Clear the Area: Remove any loose mud around the tires—rocks, branches, or whatever you can find – clear the path.
  4. Increase Traction: If you have sand, gravel, or even your car mats handy, place them in front of the tires for better grip.
  5. Turn Your Wheels: Crank that steering wheel left and right. It might create a bit more space for your tires to find traction.
  6. Rock and Roll: Gently rock the car back and forth by shifting between drive and reverse. Use the momentum to get out.
  7. Call for Backup: If all else fails, it’s time to call in the calvary.

No matter where, how bad, or what you are driving, our team at Clean Earth Recovery can release you from the grips of the muddy earth. 

Your Professional Wrecker Service Experts

We look forward to solving your emergency roadside frustrations at Clean Earth Recovery. Whether you need help getting back on solid ground, towing services, or help changing a flat tire, we are proud to have the opportunity to serve you.

We provide light, medium, and heavy-duty towing, accident towing, recovery services, and roadside assistance services. From residential to commercial fleet roadside help, you can count on us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to resolve your roadside breakdown frustrations in Wickenburg and surrounding areas.

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    Stuck In Mud

    Recovery Services

    Here at Clean Earth Recovery, we understand Mother Nature can indeed be unpredictable. Imagine it’s been raining, so you head out to check on your cows. You drive across the wash just fine. It’s a little wet but not too much water. Everything looks fine, so you head back home, but to do so, you have to drive back across the wash. But this time there’s more water, but you are sure you’ll be fine. So you start to drive across only to realize you now have no steering, and the water has taken control, so you get out of your truck and make it out of the wash yourself, but your truck has floated on down to a large water hole, making it impossible for you to recover your truck yourself.
    Now, this is where recovery services ride to the rescue. Equipped with the right tools and expertise, our highly skilled tow truck operator will assess the situation, strategically place recovery gear, and skillfully pull your mired truck from the clutches of the wash.

    No matter your recovery scenario, Clean Earth Recovery has the proper knowledge, experience, and training to recover your vehicle, whether a car, RV, or heavy-duty tractor-trailer is lying on its side in the middle of the highway with its load all over the road.

    Roadside Assistance

    First of all, our team at Clean Earth Recovery isn’t about just towing off broken-down vehicles. We are like the emergency room physician, taking on everything from dead batteries to flat tires. It’s a 24/7 gig that takes us on a wild ride occasionally. We never know what kind of situation we may be getting into. Communication is the key to being prepared for whatever situation, whether an emergency unlock for your car or a customer out of gas. Our friendly tow truck operator is here to calm your nerves and provide you with top roadside assistance services when you need them the most.

    Customer Oriented Team

    At Clean Earth Recovery, when you are having the vehicle breakdown blues, we are here to provide you with VIP treatment. Picture this: you are stranded on the side of the road, feeling like your day went south. One of our Wreckmaster Certified tow truck operators swoops in with the stealth of a swallow, thanks to our efficient dispatch system. We are here for you around the clock because, as we all know, the breakdown blues don’t have time boundaries.

    Communication is the key. No one likes to be in the dark regarding arrival times. We will always keep you in the loop by letting you know when help is coming and informing you about any unexpected delays.

    Let’s talk about transparency. When you call us, there are no hidden fees or surprise charges. As a customer-oriented towing company, we’ll lay it all out on the table so you know exactly what you’re paying for. No one likes nasty, unforseen charges.

    Your vehicle is more than a hunk of metal to us. – it’s your baby. It’s the means of how you get around. So, you can count on us to handle your vehicle with care, treating it better than our own.

    Stuck In Mud
    Stuck In Mud
    Stuck In Mud
    Stuck In Mud

    We Tow It All

    Are you looking for an all-inclusive towing company? A towing company that can tow or transport any type of vehicle or equipment, no matter how large or why? Well, we have great news for you.
    We can have it all covered from tractor trailers, RV’s, and heavy equipment. Our family has been in the trucking and excavating business since 1981, giving us the knowledge and experience about every type of truck and equipment used today. This knowledge guides us in the towing side of our business to ensure your big rig and equipment make it to their destination safely and damage-free.