Equipment Transport Wickenburg

Heavy Equipment Transport

When choosing a company to transport your heavy equipment, look for a towing company with a lot of experience. Tractors, forklifts, and backhoes are expensive and you want to be sure they are transported safely and securely to prevent damage.

With our Landolls, tilt decks, and our flatbed tow trucks we can transport any heavy equipment to your job site quickly and securely. Our family has been in the transport business since 1981 and has transported many pieces of equipment. With our Arizona Envelope Permit, our loads are covered up to 14 feet wide, 16 feet tall, and 120 feet long.

Construction Equipment Transport

Are you looking for someone to transport your dump truck or construction equipment? We have you covered with our tilt deck, traveling axel, and a 200,000-pound winch. The truth is, it’s easy for us to load and transport your dump truck, oversize loads, containers, and anything else you may need to have moved. Because we’ve been doing it for more than 38 years.

We Are Your Equipment Moving Experts

No matter what type of heavy-duty equipment you need transported, Clean Earth Recovery and towing is proud to have the opportunity to be your go-to transport solution expert in the Wickenburg area. With our 24 hour service, there’s no reason to look any further than Clean Earth Recovery.

Do you know why we stand out from other towing companies? It’s because we truly value our customers, it’s our customer service that allows us to shine and stand out from the crowd.

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    Choosing A Transport Company

    Equipment hauling can be difficult, that’s why it’s important to pick a transport company that specializes in this service. You should always do some research and verify the quality of the company. We’ve put together a few items you should research about the company you are considering.

    • Licensing and reviews: You will want your transporter to be licensed. Ask for their USDOT and MC numbers. Check out their reviews online to see how well they have worked for others.
    • Delivery Time: Is the transport company available at the time you need them, and can they get the equipment moved to the destination on-time as well?
    • Insurance: All towing and transport companies are required to carry a certain amount of insurance. Be sure they have enough coverage in case of damage during loading, transporting, and unloading your equipment.

    Be sure to ask any questions you may have, and be ready to answer the questions the transport company may have for you. Being ready to answer the questions your transport company may have will enable you to receive a more accurate estimate and allow them to anticipate your needs before transport service begins.

    Other Services We Provide

    We are a full service towing company in Wickenburg and the surrounding areas. Other fast and dependable services we provide include heavy towing, medium-duty towing, and flatbed towing. We also do off-road recovery, accident recovery, horse boarding, and roadside assistance. We offer great services at fair prices for those who live in Wickenburg, Arizona and for those who are just passing through. Please call anytime day or night for all your roadside assistance, towing, or transport needs.


    Flatbed Transport

    Do you have medium duty equipment you need to have moved from job site to job site? A simple flatbed may be sufficient. We can easily transport a forklift, bobcat, small tractor and any other medium to small duty equipment you need moved.

    For a short distance move, using a flatbed tow truck is a great option. You will want to prepare your equipment for transport, such as preparing the gearbox and tires for towing conditions. And if you’re in a tough spot and need fast towing service now, call us.