Wrecker Tow Truck

Wrecker Tow Truck Wickenburg

Do you need a tow truck to tow your car or truck in or around Wickenburg? Clean Earth Recovery provides car transport towing to motorists who have a vehicle that has seen better days.
Having a car breakdown can be stressful, but having our towing support team by your side makes your stressful situation more manageable. With Clean Earth Recovery available to provide you towing service when you need it, you can rest assured we will resolve your breakdown as quickly as humanly possible.

Affordable Wrecker Tow Truck

Are you looking for an affordable towing company in Wickenburg to tow your car or provide a jump start for your battery? There are many towing companies in Wickenburg. Not all towing companies are equal when it comes to knowledge, equipment, and tow truck operators who know the towing industry. When you are choosing a towing company, price shouldn’t be the only reason. Price+Knowledge+Proper Equipment+Trained Tow Truck Operators= An Affordable Towing Company, is the right equation to picking the right wrecker company to fit your needs and pocketbook best.

Clean Earth Recovery provides the highest quality towing with top-notch equipment that is well maintained. All of our tow truck operators are certified tow truck operators, knowledgeable, and truly care about providing you with the highest customer service during your stressful car breakdown situation. Not only do we provide superior towing service, but we balance it with the best price to help balance your needs and get you back on the road again.

We Are Your Wrecker Tow Truck Experts

We are knowledgeable and experienced, from having credentials that include towing and recovery operator to WreckMaster Certified, Level 6/7A, Heavy Duty Recovery Specialists. Our team can tow and recovery anything from a passenger vehicle, towing a fully loaded tractor trailer to a fire truck. We are a 5-star towing company that can handle anything you throw at us. Therefore, when looking for a towing company that can handle heavy duty towing, light duty towing, or other truck services on a 24-hour basis, look no further than Clean Earth Recovery.

Needing towing service? You can reach by filling out the form below, and someone will contact you.
But to receive a truck towed right now call the number below to speak to a knowledgeable dispatcher that will dispatch a tow truck to you or to ask any questions you may have about our services.


    Wrecker Tow Truck Wickenburg

    Roadside Assitance

    Imagine you are driving down 93 going to the Wickenburg Ranch Golf Course to get in a few holes of golf on this fine March day. The weather is perfect for golf, but you are limited on your golfing time because you are due back to work by 1:30. And as you are driving down 93 heading outside of Wickenburg, you hear a pitter-patter noise. It sounds like your car tire is playing a game of patty cake with the roadway. Because you feel a hard pull to the right, you immediately realize you have a flat tire. So, you slowly pull over off the road to change it. You open your truck, pull out your golf bag, pull back the lid where your spare is housed only to find it flat. This is where we come in to save the day. Clean Earth Recovery provides roadside assistance to motorists in and around Wickenburg. You can count on us for various roadside services, such as bringing you a few gallons of gas to get you to the nearest gas station. If you locked your keys in your car, we would retrieve them for you. Did you leave your headlights on, running your battery down? No problem, we can jump start your car for you. From towing to something as simple as an unlock service, Clean Earth Recovery is your roadside support service team.

    Accident Towing

    I plan on having an accident today….said no one. Accidents happen to the best of us but what makes them a little easier to swallow is by having a wrecker company you know will be there when you need them the most. Here at Clean Earth Recovery, that is what we are all about, whether you drive a small passenger vehicle to a large, heavy duty fleet vehicle to a semi.

    Our trained tow truck operators are skilled in all areas of accident towing and accident recovery techniques and equipped with the right tools to provide you with fast, knowledgeable and professional accident towing and recovery services in Wickenburg.

    Heavy Duty Towing

    Managing a fleet of trucks is a lot of work. Having someone by your side to help you when one or several of your trucks are down will help you keep your bottom line on track and help keep your customers happy.

    Clean Earth Recovery provides heavy duty towing. Whether you have a dump truck down, bus, tractor trailer, semi, and even a diesel pusher RV, we know how to safely tow your investment to help you get back on the road quickly at an affordable rate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Wrecker Tow Truck Wickenburg
    Wrecker Tow Truck Wickenburg
    Wrecker Tow Truck Wickenburg

    Equipment Lifting Wickenburg

    Why call Clean Earth Recovery for all your lifting needs? Well, why not. Our family has been in the trucking and excavation business since 1981, offering excellent services at fair prices. 

    • Our experienced construction equipment operators and tow truck operators have the knowledge required to lift and place your equipment safely precisely where you need it. 
    • In many cases, it will save you the expense of calling in a crane.
    • We can handle lifting and placing anything from air conditioning unit, transformer, construction equipment, and more.