Towing Service Maricopa County

Residential Towing

Are you in Maricopa County and need a tow truck to tow your car or truck? Well, Clean Earth Recovery is always available when you need us. With a full staff of well-trained tow truck operators and the right equipment, you can rest assured we are the right company to get the job done right. Our response times are fast. We are dependable, honest, and provide our tow services at an affordable price. So, whether you need a short distance or a long distance tow, we have the right flat rate to fit your budget. And our drivers pay attention to all safety procedures to ensure your vehicle receives the utmost care during the loading process, transporting and delivering your car or truck on time.

Commercial Towing

Managing a fleet of commercial cars, vans, trucks, and box trucks is a lot of work. And when you have one or several down, it puts a burden on the other drivers to make up for the slack. So, when you need a company that depends, reliable, and can respond quickly to get your vehicle back on the road, call Clean Earth Recovery. Our team truly understands how important it is for you to get your vehicle back on the road to get your goods and services to your customers. Therefore, calling us to help you with your bottom line is the smart thing to do because we will tow your vehicles at an affordable price and truly care about seeing your business do the best it can do.

 Emergency Towing

Are you a night owl because of your job or your business? Because Maricopa County is a great place to visit and work, our roadways are continuously used whether it’s for late night fun or work. Therefore, you can count on Clean Earth Recovery for roadside assistance or tow your car, truck, semi, fully loaded tractor trailer, or RV no matter if it’s during those hours; momma always said nothing good happens to the crack of dawn. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year all your emergency roadside needs, whether it’s a tow to one of our roadside assistance services.

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    Towing Maricopa County Arizona

    Heavy Duty Towing Experts

    Having a big rig down, whether you are a single operator or a fleet manager, can be more than just a headache, but it also cuts into your bottom line. Clean Earth Recovery is here to help get you back on track again. We can tow anything from a semi, dump truck, bus, fully loaded tractor trailer to a diesel pusher. Therefore when your investment is sitting idle of the roadside, call the best in Maricopa County to tow it, and that’s Clean Earth Recovery because we are WreckMaster certified
    level 6/7A and heavy duty Recovery specialists.

    Accident Recovery

    There are numerous roadside services our team can handle, whether it’s a basic tow for light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty vehicle. But did you know where we come out ahead of every wrecker company in Maricopa County in our ability to recover anything with wheels in any situation that you can throw at us? We have certified recovery tow truck operators always ready to help you 24/7. Our highly skilled flatbed towing truck operators know how to think out of the box to recover your vehicle safely for you and the other motorists on the roadway. Don’t call just any wrecker company to recover your assets; call Clean Earth Recovery. The best recovery company in the industry in Maricopa county.

    Roadside Assitance

    Have you ever had a flat tire on the side of the road when it’s mid-summer with temps hovering around 110 degrees? How about heading off to work only to go 3 miles down the road when your car starts to pit and putter because you forget to get gas? Or maybe, Fido locked you out of your car when you ran into the gas station, leaving your truck running while Fido was behind the helm? All the scenarios above can be a bit frustrating, but with Clean Earth Recovery on your side, we can quickly put your roadside problem behind you. So, don’t go it alone when you have a flat tire, need an unlock, have a dead battery and need a jump start car, or even if you need a couple of gallons of gas. Call Clean Earth Recovery to get you back on the road again quickly and at an affordable rate.

    Towing Maricopa County Arizona
    Towing Maricopa County Arizona
    Towing Maricopa County Arizona

    Oversize Load Transport

    Do you have an oversize load you need transporting? Give us a call. We can transport any size load. You can count on us to take care of the details, including arranging for the permits, leaving you with nothing to do but wait for your load to arrive.

    • Landoll Services
    • Tilt Decks
    • 200,000-pound winch

    It makes it easy for us to load and transport your oversize load, containers, dump trucks, and even your pull-behind trailer. You can count on Clean Earth Recovery to have you covered no matter what your transport needs are.