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Truck Down Wickenburg

Do you run a trucking business or own your semi? When you use trucks to make money, and it’s down, your checking account deflates faster than a balloon with a tiny pinhole. Experiencing truck problems requires finding a trustworthy, reputable towing company to tow your rig to the shop safely. In Wickenburg and surrounding areas, Clean Earth Recovery is the top-of-mind company to do the job right and provide prompt heavy-duty towing for your truck.

No matter where or why your rig needs towing services, allow our highly skilled tow truck operators to save you time and money. Our qualifications come from top-notch Wreckmaster- Certification, years of training, and experience giving us the proper know-how and methods to tow or recover your truck safely.

Heavy Duty Truck Down Towing

At Clean Earth Recovery, we provide towing for your semi and trailer, together or apart. We also offer Landoll services for your truck, trailer, RV, and construction equipment. So, suppose your truck needs recovering or towing services after an accident. In that case, we have the right equipment and highly skilled tow truck operators to provide you with the heavy-duty services you require efficiently. Give us a ring when you are looking for a more than qualified heavy-duty towing company with the stamina, knowledge, and qualifications to not only save you money but help keep your trucks on the road.

Heavy Duty Towing Experts In Wickenburg

Clean Earth Recovery takes great pleasure in providing semi and heavy-duty towing services and roadside assistance in the Wickenburg area. When it comes to finding a team that provides high-quality customer service, liking what they do makes all the difference in the world. So, stop at us When you require a towing company to tow your light, medium, or heavy-duty vehicle. We value our customers, love what we do, and will go the extra mile to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our services.

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    Truck Down

     Recovery For Big Trucks

    So you’re telling us you’ve got a big rig on its side with its guts spewing all over the road? Sounds like your tractor-trailer is in a real pickle. First, we want you to know you are in great hands with our top-notch heavy-duty recovery team. Regarding tractor-trailer recoveries, our crew has seen it all and know how to safely upright your rig and secure your load.
    Picture this: Our top-of-the-line equipment rolls in, operated by Arizona’s highest qualified tow truck operators, ready to tackle your unfortunate accident with ease and finesse. We’ll jump right in and assess the situation with a professional eye to come up with the best option to perform a smooth and safe recovery. From securing, working with law enforcement, and coordinating, we’ve covered all the micro details and will keep you updated on the progress. And if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can count on Clean Earth rEcovery to get the job done right 24/7, rain or shine.

    Load Transfers And More

    Are you stuck on the scale? You’ve found yourself in a situation where your truck is stuck on the scale due to a load shift, putting your rig in danger. Don’t fret none because we know how to get you out of that jam in a jiff. And no, we aren’t talking about jam and peanut butter here, folks.
    When it comes to load transfers, our tow truck operators know all about precision and know-how; we do more than talk the talk. We walk the walk. With over 40 years of experience under our belts in the construction industry, we’ve handled our fair share of sticky situations.

    Whether it’s redistributin’ the load on sight with forklifts, skid steers, pallet jacks, and plastic wrap or usin’ our docks, if necessary, to do a load shift and even a load transfer right on our property, you can kick back, relax, and leave it to us to square away that load and get you rolling down the road again 100% legal.

    Need Lifting Services?

    Are you looking for lifting help? You’re in luck because we have what it takes to lift mining equipment, machinery, or other large, heavy pieces of equipment. We have highly skilled tow truck operators who can lift and place any type of equipment where you need it. Whether it’s a large air conditioning unit you need on top of a building, a container unit on a trailer, or moving any piece of heavy equipment, we can get the job done right and at a lesser rate than calling in a crane.

    From seasoned construction equipment operators to expert tow truck operators, we’ve got your back.. Nobody in Wickenburg offers as many towing services as we do. Just give us a shout, and we’ll immediately have our crew on location to lend a hand. No need to stress – we can handle all your heavy lifting needs.

    Truck Down
    Truck Down
    Truck Down
    Truck Down

    Have An AWOL Driver?

    Got a semi sitting on someone else’s property with no driver in sight? Or maybe your driver ran out of hours? When you have a driver who’s MIA and you need your rig brought back to your headquarters, call us. We’ll get your truck back to you promptly. We provide prompt towing services no matter the reason for your semi, tractor-trailer, dump truck, and more.