Semi Truck Towing Wickenburg

Heavy Duty Semi Truck Towing

Do you have a truck down? When you use a semi for business, your workhorse runs daily to keep your company up and going. But, inevitably, your truck will break down; when it does, money flows out of your business instead of in. That’s where our team at Clean Earth Recovery is here to help.

Clean Earth Recovery is a qualified and Wreckmaster Certified heavy-duty towing company. Therefore, no matter where or how badly your truck is stuck, our team is the team to help get your big truck back on the road fast. Allow our knowledgeable and more than qualified heavy-duty towing team to save you time and money by calling us at Clean Earth Recovery for all your big rig towing needs around the clock.

 Semi Truck Towing And Trailer

When your truck is down, you will want a towing company with the right equipment and manpower to act swiftly to help you get your truck up and running again. At Clean Earth Recovery, we provide landoll towing for all types of trucks and equipment. Whether you are looking for a company that can move your bulldozer to the following job site or recover your fully loaded tractor-trailer after an accident, you can count on us to do the job quickly and safely.
Need a pull start, or is your driver locked out of his truck? We also provide roadside assistance services for your fleet. Or do you need help with your RV, Bus, large or small, or small and large heavy equipment? No matter the size of your truck or equipment, we have what it takes to give you a hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with all your towing and transporting needs.

 Your Heavy Duty Towing Experts

Our team at Clean Earth Recovery takes pride in being the go-to heavy-duty towing team in the Wickenburg area. No matter the hour of the day or night, you need a highly qualified team for heavy-duty towing services; look no further than us at Clean Earth Recovery for light, medium, and heavy-duty towing and roadside assistance services. We truly value our customers; therefore, you can count on your customer experience to be the best you can find in the towing industry from us at Clean Earth Recovery.

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    Semi Truck Towing

    Recovery And Towing For Heavy Duty Trucks

    Our team at Clean Earth Recovery is all about improving your bottom line. How so, you wonder? When you have motorhome problems or have a truck down, there’s a chance that you are losing serious money. Clean Earth Recovery is here to help stop that money loss by providing around-the-clock towing and recovery services. We promise that no matter what type of recovery job you throw at us, we have the qualifications, knowledge, and experience to handle it. From towing a fully loaded tractor-trailer to a semi or transporting your high-end RV, we can tow and transport it. Need a place to provide you with a truck swap. We have the storage facility to facilitate that too.

    We’ve been in construction and land development for over 40 years, mastering construction gear and machinery. Count on us to bail you out so you can hustle and get that cash flow back on track.

    Load Transfers And Shifts

    Do you have a load that shifted and need a qualified team to help you make it safe again? Call us at Clean Earth Recovery. We will bring you the equipment and expertise to facilitate the lad shift no matter the hour of the day or night. We also have docks available to do a load shift and even a load transfer right on our property, or we can come to you at the scales. From forklift and pallet jacks to plastic wrap, we’ll bring everything necessary to get you 100% legal and back on the road quickly. So please don’t continue to travel down the road with an uneven load, possibly putting your driver, truck, and trailer in danger of calling us instead. We’ll unload and reload your pallets and arrange them so each axle has the proper weight. This way, you’ll be legal and, most importantly, safe.

    Load Lifting Services And More

    Are you looking for a qualified towing company to move or lift heavy pieces of large machinery, mining equipment, machinery, or even a container office? Clean Earth Recovery is the lifting service company to call. Our heavy-duty tow truck can lift whatever you need rather than call for a crane, possibly saving you money. Clean Earth Recovery can lift and place an air conditioning unit, a transformer, construction equipment, and more.

    Look only as far as Clean Earth Recovery for heavy lifting in Wickenburg and the surrounding areas. We have highly experienced construction equipment and tow truck operators with the knowledge, experience, and training to lift and place your equipment where you want it safely. This is the only place in the Wickenburg area that provides these towing services, Clean Earth Recovery.

    Semi Truck Towing
    Semi Truck Towing
    Semi Truck Towing
    Semi Truck Towing

    Need Us To Retrieve Your Tractor Trailer

    Have a truck driver who dabbles in magic and has disappeared on you, leaving your truck and loaded trailer just hanging out in a parking lot? Or maybe they maxed their hours and are sitting idle, but you still need his load delivered immediately. No matter what the case, don’t allow it to impact your business negatively. 

    • Give us a ring instead of hanging around and risking a disappointed customer when your driver’s hours are up. We’ll swiftly send over an experienced CDL driver to get your load delivered pronto.
    • Keep your truck, trailer, and cargo safe from thieves and mischief-makers. Reach out to Clean Earth Recovery, and we can tow or drive your tractor-trailer back to our place for safekeeping.