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Do You Need A Winching Service?

In the event that you swerved to miss a critter on the road, and now you need a winch from the ditch, give us a call at Clean Earth Recovery. As a matter of fact, our highly qualified tow truck professionals can get your vehicle back on solid ground safely. Calling the wrong person for help could cost you more in the long run when your car is stuck in the ditch, the mud, or a wash. Our team has what it takes and the experience you need when your car, truck, SUV, all wheel drive, or heavy duty truck is off solid ground.

It doesn’t matter the location or even how badly your big car might be stuck; let our professional tow truck company team solve your roadside problem and save you money. Our tow truck operators are Wreckmaster certified, meaning we have the proper training in methods of winching, accident recovery towing, and more.

Accident Towing After Winching

An accident can be scary and unsettling. It will get your adrenalin pumping and put your nerves into overdrive, to say the least, which can make handling what you must do next difficult. Once the police have processed the accident scene, you’ll need to find a trustworthy towing company to get your car, truck, SUV, all wheel drive, or four wheel drive vehicle to the Bodyshop or your home. At Clean Earth Recovery, we want to make the process easy as possible for you. Our tow truck operators are Wreckmaster Certified to ensure you receive high-quality services. And have the knowledge and skill to get your vehicle out of any accident. We provide 24/7 accident towing and recovery services for your light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles.

We Are Your Go To Towing Experts

At Clean Earth Recovery, our team takes pride in being Wickenburg’s towing experts. We love what we do and care about our customers and are proud to be able to provide high quality towing services whether you are a residential or commercial motorist. So when you are looking for a towing company to tow your light, medium, or heavy duty vehicle or any other truck service on a 24-hour basis, call us at Clean Earth Recovery.

We truly value our customers. Our customer service puts us ahead of all the rest, allowing us to shine and be prominent in the towing industry.

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    More Than A Towing Company

    Here at Clean Earth Recovery, we are more than a towing company. We are a friendly team that genuinely cares about treating you with the empathy and care you deserve. No matter the hour of the day or night you have a roadside breakdown and need assistance, we are here to lend you the helping hand you need.

    Whether you need a short or long distance tow, a flatbed tow for your classic car, or transport service for your construction equipment, you can count on Clean Earth Recovery for friendly, affordable services.

    Did you know we also provide convenient roadside assistance services for those minor roadside breakdowns? For example, if you have a flat on the side of the highway, we can change that flat for you so you can get back on the road safely. Whether you need help to retrieve your keys from a locked car, need a jump start, or need a couple of gallons of gas to get to the gas station, call us at Clean Earth Recovery for affordable roadside assistance help.

    Heavy Duty Towing And Recovery

    Do you have a big truck down? Having a truck down can eat away at your bottom line faster than a beaver can cut down a tree. Allow Clean Earth Recovery to decrease your truck’s downtime to ensure your bottom line stays in check. We provide around the clock heavy duty towing and recovery services. And have highly skilled heavy duty tow truck operators ready to handle any towing and recovery job you can throw at us. From towing a school bus, towing a loaded dump truck to a fully loaded tractor trailer, we have what it takes to get your big truck where you need it without any hassle. Whether your big truck needs a tow or you need a highly qualified team to recover your truck and trailer, Clean Earth Recovery can do it all fast and safely while securing your truck and load.

    Need a truck swap? We have storage facilities and can provide you with a truck swap anytime.

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    Load Shifts And Transfers

    Is your tractor trailer overweight, and your truck is stuck on the interstate and scale? Call us at Clean Earth Recovery. We’ll bring the equipment and expertise necessary to provide a load shift. Our facility has docks available, or we can come to you at the scales with all the essential equipment, from skid steers, forklifts, pallet jacks, and plastic wrap. We’ll have you 100% legal and back on the road in no time.